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Yota Yoshida ヨシダヨウタ (1981) is a Photographer. He grew up in a small town in north Kumamoto and currently resides in Tokyo Japan. For the first year, as with many other fathers, he had taking only family photos as daily life because his daughter was born, but he started shooting on the street from around 2015.

His work primarily deals with people and happenings in public spaces. And he is particularly interested in the invisible emotional and poetic impressions that surround us on an ordinary day. He believes the act of taking un-posed photographs is not an act of production, but rather of feeling, and capturing what is already being expressed.

Recent awards include 1st Place Gold Star Award of ND Awards, Honorable Mention and Award Finalist of Brussels Street Photography Festival, and Award Finalist of Miami Street Photography Festival and others. His works have been featured in numerous medium including Vice, Sueddeutsche Zeitung, Juxtapoz Magazine, Fubiz, iGNANT, It's Nice That, Lomography and more.

 In Downtown of Los Angeles (2017)

In Downtown of Los Angeles (2017)

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