kwerfeldein.deに載ったよ、おっ母さん / by yota yoshida



As the title indicates, this story takes the simple format of coming from somewhere and heading away elsewhere. As with numerous stories, the beginning and ending are slightly similar. This structure is primarily influenced by the novel authored by Jorge Luis Borges as well as "Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?" by Paul Gauguin which focus on the topics of circularity and the view of life and death in Buddhism.
They pictured in these photos, me as I write this, and you who are looking at the photographs, all exist right now in our own respective times. To me, “you” are the future, the presence of which I can only imagine. You the observers probably sense “them and me” living in different times. This is also a letter from myself and them to you, who are in "elsewhere" of this story. I am confident that the emotions triggered in those of you who are receiving this will lead to something yet different.

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